Open Pollinated Seeds and Seed Freedom

With seed saving, you are part of a simple but enduring global tradition of farmers and gardeners worldwide working to protect our freedom to grow safe food. Read more about the importance of using open pollinated seeds and seed freedom below!

What are open pollinated seeds?

Open-pollinated seeds are from the natural pollination of similar varieties of plants. That means they are either self-pollinating, or pollinated by birds, insects, winds--even by hand. They are also called open-source seeds or OPVs.

So why should we plant open-pollinated seeds?

  1. You’re assured that the plants will have the same characteristics as their parents year after year. This is called true to type or growing true.Hybrid seeds do not grow true so you have to keep buying them.

  2. You are able to save, use, and exchange OPV seeds freely year after year. This practice has been sustained by peasants, which is directly responsible for feeding the world over thousands of years. 

  3. OPV seeds protect agricultural biodiversity and traditional varieties. They adapt to their local environments over time, and can survive in poorer fields. These make them critical to building food security.  

When seeds are open pollinated, they sustain life and its ability to regenerate and evolve. It creates this web of life that feeds the soil, microorganisms, pollinators, and animals. It feeds us. 

When seeds are bred for chemical treatment, non-renewable, or genetically engineered to terminate or depend on toxins, diversity--which supports ecological stability and resiliency-- dies. 

Patenting seeds makes seed saving and exchange, which has been done by farmers for millenia, illegal. It has become a way for an elite few to control the food production and supply of many. 

Let’s grow and use open-pollinated seeds. Seed freedom is food freedom!

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