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Beautiful soil by Nay Marie in Capas, Tarlac. We hardly pay attention to it but it's any organic farmer's pride and joy. After a couple years without the shiny distraction of incredible yields and the richness of constraint, one realizes that it's not vegetables we're cultivating. It's the soil! Focus on soil health, seasoned farmers say, and the vegetables take care of themselves.

I've bored my team with this realization too but it does center me in times of crazy. It's not profit we are cultivating, it's community! Our health, the health of our relationships, the health of our society. We may go through different forms and (im)balance sheets of multiple colors, but if we keep true, the peace and love will always grow.

It takes time, she says. May we, like Nay Marie, love and pay attention to what really matters.

You have the option of choosing between 2kg of:

a. vermicompost so that's earthworm poop mixed with compost.

b. loam soil mixed with carbonized rice hulls and vermicast

You can bury your bokashi product in it and put your veg seeds to sprout in it. We took a while to figure out how to package without plastic so you'll find 2kg in cassava-based bag and wrapped in a paper bag. If you need more, we may opt to put it in a small sack.



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