Green Cabbage from Bauko, Mt. Province

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Who knew that the common cabbage had such impressive origins up in Bauko? Visiting Auntie Aprila’s farm up in the mountains, it was hard not get giddy at the sight of the cabbage patch, the sheer size of those leaves—and, yes, the steepness of the slope. Back in the village, a large bag of freshly harvested ones appeared magically where we were staying and was to be our dinner. It was easily 10 kgs worth so that meant our breakfast and lunch too—teaching us about its versatility, which we tend to forget. The kitchen was humble, the aromatics and condiments comfortingly familiar, the earth and the farmers generous. We had cabbage in our nilaga, in our pancit canton, as adobo, charred and caramelised in our guisado. There was laughter and companionship throughout the cooking and dining, and brandy in our hot mugs of tsokolate eh. Everything we needed to feed and nourish ourselves and each other.

COOK: This week’s vegetable farm shares will feature Bauko cabbages, and we hope you explore this good old reliable’s versatility. Beyond chop suey and coleslaw, cabbage is great grilled with butter or roasted with EVOO, drawing out a sweetness we didn’t know was there. Make some grilled Caesar salad. Add cabbage to Filipino favourites like we did, whether in nilaga, afritada, pochero, but do not overcook them. Create something indulgent and comforting like Irish colcannon for these cooler mornings we've been having. Sub them for lettuce as wraps for your hearty fillings like chicken salad, tuna salad, vegan chili, or make some mushroom and veg dumpling mix for some steamed cabbage rolls. Too lazy for all these ideas? No worries. Cabbage works well in quick sautés and stir fries.

STORE: Leave cabbage whole until you’re ready to eat them and place it inside the crisper, where it can last for approx. 2 weeks. If it has been cut, the shelf life reduces considerably and it begins to lose its nutrients. Wrap cut cabbage in reusable plastic and consume within 2 to 3 days. Ideally do not wash cabbage before refrigerating them but if you must, make sure they are thoroughly dry before moving to cold storage.



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