What Makes Our Gulay Different?

We often get told that our fruits and veggies taste the best, and it's all thanks to how they're grown.

“How do the farmers that you work with get their produce to taste so amazing???

“A bulkan banana tastes sweeter. A cherry tomato juicier. A regular carrot, flavorful.”

“Masarap ang mga gulay at palaging sariwa…Palaging masaya ang gulay.”

“Little pleasures I now refuse to live without.”

Learn how the way we grow our food, has made so many of our subscribers (and everyone from our team) fall in love with well-grown fruits & vegetables

1. All that flavor has to do with how the food is grown 

Through your support, our partner smallholders are able to focus on their organic practices and growing food the best possible way. By guaranteeing a market for their harvest, our farmers are able to devote their energies to the pursuit of flavor and nutrient density. By shortening the supply chain, our farmers don't have to worry about their produce spoiling and they have the luxury to let their fruits ripen before harvesting

Circularity in their farms literally enriches the soil where our food is grown. And the food our farmers grow feeds off these beneficial nutrients and microorganisms that we then taste as sweetness in carrots, earthiness in beets, floral sourness in lemons, vegetal bitterness in dark leafy greens, and peppery pungency in radishes

2. Biodiverse harvest with varieties you can’t find anywhere else

A biodiverse diet is a nutritious diet, and we want to be able to support the health and well being of our farmers and customers. Using the Philippine National Standard for Organic Agriculture as the minimum standard for their production, our farmers are staunch advocates of organic farming, believing growing safe food is their responsibility. 

Food also reflects the land and culture from which they came and are integral to the life in those locales. Unfortunately, without a large market demand, a lot of these varieties are disappearing.

With our model, we are able to support farmers who grow uncommon or specialty varieties that often won’t make it through mass marketing channels and long supply chains. 

Crop diversity also means our farmers and their families are food secure. In a country where farmers experience hunger regularly, this is of utmost importance. Using diversified crop programming, they know they (and we) will have wholesome, nutritious food on our tables even with price fluctuations, inflation, or environmental hazards–unlike monocultures that can be wiped out by a single pest or dumped with steep price drops.  

3. We’re not your ordinary veggie retailer. 


The farmers’ welfare is at the core of our work. Prices are arrived at in dialogue and we do not engage in bagsak presyo. Our purchase guarantees and fair prices that we commit to for the entire year contribute to a decent living for farmers. Our buying commitments also allow us to be competitively priced against organic produce in supermarkets to make it accessible to more Filipinos. 

We’re also among the pioneers in minimizing plastic waste in online deliveries. We use eco-friendly tampipis made by small artisans, eco bags, and reusable containers, along with a take-back system so that we do not contribute to the mounting plastic garbage problem in our city. 

We often say that more than vegetables, we sell relationships.

We connect farmers and eaters in a solidarity model where the rewards, risks, and responsibilities of food production are shared by both in order to shape it into one that is healthy, just, ecological, and sustainable. 

We're constantly learning that, to grow organic produce sustainably and contribute to a just food system, we cannot just change production practices, we must also shift our lifestyles to embrace nature, and grow the power of the community so that we can work together towards a common good.

Learn more about how Community-Shared Agriculture supports smallholder farmers while providing you with access to good food. 

It saddens us when people generally think that vegetables are bland. Everyone that has tasted our fruits and veggies would understand the taste of truly delicious produce.

Rather than us telling you, it would be great if you could taste it for yourself! Subscribe to our CSA Farmshare or order from our Farmstand!

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