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Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper

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The mild members of the Capsicum family (well, genus to be exact), bell peppers are Vitamin C powerhouses. A raw average-sized bell pepper meets almost 97% of our recommended daily allowance--on top of its beta-carotene content, the precursor of Vitamin A, which is highest in the red variety. The green bell pepper may have a more pronounced peppery or bitter note, but it is also loaded with iron, magnesium, and calcium. Known for being sweet compared to their spicy cousins the chili peppers, all bell peppers are actually low in sugar and bring out their sweetness best when grilled or roasted. They don’t mind high cooking temps (just don’t burn them)! After grilling or roasting, let them cool down and wash to peel off the charred skin easily. They are then quite delicious when marinated in vinegar and olive oil as part of a platter of Italian antipasti, served with garlicky hummus, or sliced and chopped in sandwiches or salads. Bell peppers have flavour affinities with basil, garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, cheese, onions, parsley, rice, and black beans, so keep those ingredients in mind when you’re in the mood to experiment, such as stuffed bell peppers. Or keep things simple and dip them raw in sauces.

What Makes our Gulay Special?

Buying local, seasonal and organically grown produce means that you learn to eat with the seasons, and in exchange, get to eat produce that’s filled with nutrition and that tastes more alive.  Food that's flavor-packed, bursting with nutrients, and free from nasties like chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Our customers also love our cherry tomatoes and saging bulkan, varieties you won’t be able to get through conventional farming and mass-produced marketing channels.

Your commitment to eat healthy meets our farmers' commitment to grow nutritious food- and together we grow a sustainable food system. Taste the difference with us and let’s change the world with food!

Read more about how we choose to grow our food.

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