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"Tanim ng Diyos" was what the farmers called sayote in Bauko. It was one of those vegetables that just grew spontaneously like kulitis in Capas or sili labuyo in Rizal. Because it was everywhere, you can imagine how the farmers could take it for granted. Neither was it very financially rewarding to cultivate seriously as its commercial price would range anywhere from 2 - 30 PhP per kilo. How can you possibly plan with that? But how things have changed! Since the price hike last year and increased buyer interest, sayote canopies have been replacing the fields as the crop of choice. Why? It's promoted as the new malunggay-- chock full of antioxidants that are anticancer, anti-diabetes and anti-inflammatory. Great stuff.
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What Makes our Gulay Special?

Buying local, seasonal and organically grown produce means that you learn to eat with the seasons, and in exchange, get to eat produce that’s filled with nutrition and that tastes more alive.  Food that's flavor-packed, bursting with nutrients, and free from nasties like chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Our customers also love our cherry tomatoes and saging bulkan, varieties you won’t be able to get through conventional farming and mass-produced marketing channels.

Your commitment to eat healthy meets our farmers' commitment to grow nutritious food- and together we grow a sustainable food system. Taste the difference with us and let’s change the world with food!

Read more about how we choose to grow our food.

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